Our vision is to create a community culture for social innovation.


Every day at FuseSocial we inspire the social profit sector and community to push boundaries that maximize all of our potential.


buy provigil online in canada We challenge the limits

 We showcase success and learn from failure
 We are never satisfied with status quo
 We seek internal or external acknowledgement of success and accomplishments
 We own it
 We take healthy, calculated risks to further the good we do
 We take responsibility for the good and bad, it’s okay to try and fail We believe different perspectives create the best solution

•  We appreciate diverse nature of our community and sector
•  We see unity in diversity
•  We seek diverse input and know that it creates happiness
•  We believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts We believe in a community mosaic

•  We know everyone has something to contribute
•  We understand that together, we achieve more
•  We work together with the team on one goal
•  We provide active and proactive facilitation as leaders

We believe our community is our home

•  We look for passion and are active in the community
•  We put community first
•  We engage the hearts and minds of many
•  We encourage and nurture leadership in everyone

We believe in finding bold solutions

•  We look outside the box for solutions
•  We make decisions based on true need
•  We build bold solutions to address specific community needs
•  We foster experimentation
•  We get as close to the heart of the matter as we can

We believe in a culture of open and transparent communication

•  We are competent when telling our story of our mission, why we are here
•  We create a culture of trust, respect, and collaboration
•  We have a clear picture of what we represent
•  We are honest, consistent, open and transparent in communications
•  We are able to translate thoughts for clear understanding
•  We believe listening is the key to effective communication


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