Financial Literacy course demystifies the language of the Audit and the Budget


Many of us are uncomfortable when confronted with a column of numbers on a piece of paper. Accountants and auditors seem to have their own language, and as none of us wish to appear unfamiliar with the secret code of the Financial Statement, we often just nod and smile every time we’re in the boardroom. There is no secret language. However, like anything unfamiliar, a little information goes a long way to clear up the mystery of the double entry bookkeeping system and the balance sheet. FuseSocial’s Financial Literacy course is an excellent starting place.

Staci Millard is an accountant by profession and an entrepreneur by mindset. When she came to Fort McMurray four years ago Staci decided to take that leap that seems endemic to our community. She started her own company. Her accounting business offers personal and corporate tax services as well as financial statement preparation and a host of other fiscal assistance. Staci also works with the social profit sector, believing quite rightly that the most successful organizations are those with the proper information and a knowledgeable team to support them.

Staci’s training session offered by FuseSocial is aimed at not-for-profit workers and board members, although its value stretches far wider. Staci takes the class through the accounting process and the reports that are typically generated by auditors. She demystifies those frightening columns of figures, and showed the class how to use the information as part of budgeting and future planning.

20170125 Financial Literacy seminar from 18 Jan

Topics covered include: the audit Process, understanding financial statements, program reporting and using this information to create and control budgets. These seem to be dreary topics, but Staci turns them into vital nuggets of information and shows how to use them as active tools. “They are reports, not report cards. They give you information to make your organization more efficient and should be used to do that.”

If you missed your chance this time, keep an eye on, as this course will be offered again.

FuseSocial views continuing education as a vital path to advancing a Culture of Social Innovation by building the abilities of the community.


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