Crowd Funding for Social Profit Organizations - Tips for Success

By Guest Writer Charmaine Hammond
Crowdfunding is a fundraising approach that many social profit organizations are looking at to raise funds, and raise awareness.

Here are some tips to make sure that your Crowd Funding campaign is a success. Ensure you show how your organization will use the funding that is raised. This level of transparency is important and helps people understand what your organization’s needs are. A pie chart is a great way to show how the funds will be utilized.
Create a media and social media schedule. You can pre-schedule your Facebook posts in Facebook by simply using the “schedule” button cialis over the counter. In Twitter and your other social platforms you can pre-schedule posts through Hootesuite (a free platform). This will allow you to have all your posts inputted before your campaign goes live which will allow you more time to do live posts and engagement during the campaign.
Align yourself with an influencer or celebrity who supports causes like yours. Tag them on your posts.
Build your circle of champions and supporters in advance of launching your campaign. For example, as your board/volunteers/staff and agency partners if they will each share 5-10 pre written (you write and provide to them) posts during the life of the campaign, and if they will go on your organization’s posts and comment and share. This helps you get in front of audiences that extend beyond your organization.
Ensure you put your campaign on your website home page.
Include information about your campaign in your newsletter. You can also put your campaign link and one sentence description in your email signature line.
Create great videos for your campaign page and to post during your campaign.
Recognize your supporters/backers and people who contribute
Crowdfunding expert Victoria Bennett stated that about 30% of backers come from people you know, then 30% from people your backers know and 30% from people you and the backers don't know. Relationships are an important part of your campaign success.
ATB has a crowdfunding platform in Alberta called Alberta BoostR. You can find out more here­-renowned-iranian-director-to-visit-cambridge/feed/ For more great tips on Crowdfunding, follow Victoria on Twitter at @VikiBennett and make sure you watch the video replay here:

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