Training for Social Profits

Capacity Building Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar is an annual offer of training and professional development intended for the Wood Buffalo Social Profit Sector that raises the skills and capacity of teams and organizations.
All the training offered in the Academic Calendar meets the following requirements:

- Courses and workshops are always provided locally.
- Tuition fees are affordable (some offered at best site to order finasteride no cost).
- Imagine Canada standards of quality are always met.

An organization’s outputs and eventual outcomes, depend on the organization’s capacities. The academic calendar professional development offerings will strengthen three main types of organizational capacities:

1. Financial Capacity
2. Human Resources Capacity
3. Structural Capacity

Following the wildfire, FuseSocial has made a concerted effort to identify the emerging needs of the social profit sector through both individual engagement and a wildfire impact survey series. Many of the programs offered in 2017 reflect our effort to remain responsive to the needs of our sector and our community.



Fall Schedule Course Details & Registration:

Academic Calendar Fall 2017

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