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Academic Calendar 2017 Spring Sessions

Accreditation Workshop Series Section E: Volunteer Involvement July 19, 9-11 am at FuseSocial
Accreditation workshops series
Accreditation benefits an organization by helping them become aware of and achieve best practices in their governance, financial protocols, ethics of fundraising, staff management and volunteerism.
By having a good structure in place (which is required for achieving accreditation), an organization improves their ability to focus on their operations, deal with difficult situations in a proactive manner rather than a reactive manner, and proves their credibility to their wider community of stakeholders. Agencies are not required to attend the full series, although for organizations taking on Imagine Canada accreditation this may prove useful.

Section E: Volunteer Involvement July 19, 9-11 am - FuseSocial boardroom

Three cheers for volunteers! How do you acknowledge and recognize your volunteers? How do you ensure their needs are being met? What internal and external strategies can you incorporate into your recruitment of volunteers? Who is responsible for volunteer involvement in your organization? Sheri Donovan, Champion of Change at FuseSocial, will help us navigate volunteer involvement.

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